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Care & Maintenance

Gensun products are manufactured to give many years of enjoyment. In an effort to help you enjoy the furniture, kitchens and accessories over the years we highly recommend a regular schedule of care and maintenance. Failure to follow these guidelines can void the warranty.

Many fine products to care for the various materials of your furniture are available at your local casual and outdoor furniture dealer or hardware stores. A regular schedule should consist of cleaning the furniture, kitchen cabinets, fabric, woven material and other products at least twice a year but can vary due to usage, exposure and weather conditions. Gensun recommends a mild dish soap and warm water for best cleaning results on the metal frames, fabrics and woven material. Cleaning before storage is highly recommended so that any dirt or pollutants will not cause damage during storage. Difficult or stubborn stains on acrylic fabrics can be cleaned with more aggressive solutions – visit the fabric manufacturer websites for more information. Cleaning more often will not harm the high quality materials used.

Please Note:

  • The hardware on swivel rockers, swivel rocking lounge & balcony chairs, and swivel bar & balcony stools should be regularly checked to make sure it is tight. Every 6 months or more often depending upon use.
  • All products should be covered if regularly exposed to the sun and weather conditions. If cushions do get wet open zippers and turn cushion so the zipper is facing down. This will allow moisture to properly drain and protect the cushion from mold, mildew and potential staining.
  • Insect repellent (Deet), suntan lotions and harsh cleaners can be harmful to your furniture finish, fabrics and woven material. DO NOT allow any of these products to come in contact with the product as they can cause stains which are not covered under warranty. Gensun approves a mild dish soap and water mixture or 303 Patio Furniture products for cleaning and protecting our products. Other cleaners can void the warranty.
  • Extension table slides should be cleaned regularly. A lubricant can also be applied to help the operation of the slides.
  • Adjustable glides on chair and table legs are for residential use only. Take special care that these glides are not adjusted to more than 3/16 inch or 0.5 cm of exposed threads as this can cause damage to the glide or leg. Regularly check the glides as they can unscrew when moving products. In commercial use these glides should be firmly tightened at all times. Periodic checks should be performed to confirm that the glides are tight or within the guidelines listed above. The adjustable glides on kitchen cabinet legs should not be adjusted to more than 1 inch or 2.5 cm of exposed thread.
  • Cushions are manufactured using premium outdoor materials. These materials can absorb water and will not be damaged if they get wet for a time. However, cushions should not remain wet over a prolonged time as mold or mildew can occur. Protecting cushions from the elements using covers is recommended.
  • Outdoor appliances should be operated with care and caution. The fire screen on wood fire pits should be in place whenever a fire is burning. Extreme care should be taken when working with or adding material to the fire bowl – use the tongs provided. DO NOT overload the fire bowl. Protective gloves should be used when handling the fire screen. Gas fire pits and appliances should be operated with extreme care – especially when lighting the burners. DO NOT light the fire pit burner in the high gas setting. Only light the fire pit in the low gas setting. Place a lit match on the glass before turning the gas on. See the appliance instruction manuals for details on proper operation, care and maintenance. DO NOT put the burner cover on until the fire media has cooled as the paint can discolor.

Please make sure that any water that may have accumulated in the tubular extrusions is drained prior to exposure of freezing conditions. Failure to due so can cause water to freeze inside and on the materials causing severe damage, tubing to burst, that is not covered under warranty. The furniture should always be stored in a dry area and an upright position.

The life and enjoyment of your Gensun products can be greatly increased if you use protective covers when the products are not in use or exposed to harsh weather conditions. Do not allow covers to freeze on the product as this can damage the finish.

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