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Cast Aluminum

We specialize in manufacturing cast aluminum outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum is one of the best materials available to make outdoor furniture. This material provides both strength and intricate detailing options, allowing the product to be designed with a look similar to carved wood furniture. Cast aluminum is corrosion resistant thereby capable of withstanding the outdoor elements. A product made with cast aluminum is in most cases solid or not hollow giving the product high durability and a higher product weight than furniture made with most other materials. This higher weight ratio gives cast aluminum furniture the advantage to withstand windy conditions and not blow over.

Using the right cast aluminum alloy is critical to achieving long-term quality. At Gensun we use AA 356 which is the best available and widely used by avionics and automotive industry manufacturers. Our cast aluminum products start with hand carved molds where attention to detail is second to none. The sand mold is used only one time to further enhance the quality and detail of the product. All of our table tops, even the 48” x 112” table top, are one-piece molds. This one-piece mold process captures design and durability to the fullest extent. Gensun includes all of these steps in every cast aluminum product we manufacture.

Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum is corrosion resistant and a good choice for outdoor furniture. Unlike cast aluminum it does not offer the intricate detailing or shaping opportunities. It is lighter weight and can be strong. The strength is dependent upon the quality of the material, thickness, inclusion of interior ribs for extruded and type of aluminum alloy used. Gensun uses these materials in some collections and in areas where intricate detailing is not critical to the design. When used we make sure the product meets or exceeds industry standards for quality and durability in both the residential and commercial markets.


There are many types of fabric available for use on outdoor furniture. Gensun cushions, slings, padded slings, pillows, pet beds and umbrellas are manufactured using fabrics that meet or exceed industry standards for outdoor use. The fabrics are anti-microbial, fade resistant, solution dyed and most are bleach cleanable. For those customers who want the benefit of quick dry, Gensun offers two cushion designs: one; Dry-Luxe Cushions which add a water repellent protective liner around the fill. Comfort isn’t affected and any fabric can be used with Gensun’s Dry-Luxe Cushions. And two; "RAIN" Luxe cushions that use Sunbrella "RAIN" fabrics and are specifically made to Sunbrella standards. Gensun offers many "RAIN" fabrics to choose from and a lot of fabrics in total. We want you to be able to decorate your outdoor room exactly as your heart desires.
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Woven and All Weather Wicker

Like fabric there are many types of outdoor woven materials available. Gensun makes sure the woven material is the best available, UV resistant, weather resistant, durable, comfortable, colorfast and easy to clean. The woven material we use is a thicker design for greater strength and slightly textured to greatly reduce sliding when sitting in the chair. This texturing also gives the product a more natural look. The material will withstand the variations in temperature throughout North America. It will get somewhat stiffer when cold or softer when hot but the elasticity will return to normal with normal temperatures. We have many woven colors to choose from.
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Paint Finish

All Gensun products go through an 8-step cleaning process and electrostatically applied powder-coat paint system to give you an incredibly durable finish that is scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, capable of withstanding temperature and precipitation variations and easy to clean. Many of our paint finishes also feature a special paint application on top of the powder coat that gives the product an antiqued, stone or wood look. This application is baked on similar to powder coat and is extremely durable. There are 20 paint finish colors, 6 scratch resistant embellished finishes, 3 stone impression finishes and 2 wood impression finishes available for our products.
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Seating Types

Cushion Seating

Cushion seating includes dining chairs, bar stools, balcony or counter stools, deep seating, chat seating, conversation seating, ottomans and chaises. The deep, chat and conversation seating descriptions reference products such as sofas, loveseats, lounge chairs and sectionals. Outdoor rooms featuring deep seating, similar to an indoor family room or den, have become very popular. Deep seating offers the ultimate in comfort and fabric choice. Gensun cushion seating collections:

Alexee, Amari, Bel Air, Bella Vista, Columbia, Edge, Florence, Grand Terrace, Hudson, Jayne, Lotus, Michigan, Morro Bay, Phoenix, Plank, Terrace, Treviso, Verona, and Wave

Woven or All-Weather Wicker Seating

Gensun outdoor woven products offer comfort and low maintenance. Unlike other woven products that usually require a cushion to use the product, our designs use a high strength material that eliminates the need for a cushion while remaining extremely comfortable. In addition, the texture on our woven material reduces the seat sliding problem found with many other smooth woven materials. Our woven material is 100% recyclable. Gensun woven seating collections:

Amari, Bel Air, Cabrisa, Echelon, Florence, Grand Terrace, Lucerne, Michigan, and Ventura

Sling Seating

Sling seating has been popular for many years. It offers the ultimate low maintenance in outdoor furniture seating. Our sling designs provide the ability to replace the sling should damage occur or your color choice change. We offer many sling fabrics to choose from. Gensun sling seating collections:

Aria, Bel Air, Cabrisa, Echelon, Florence, Grand Terrace, Lucerne, Michigan, Morro Bay, and Phoenix

Padded Sling Seating

Padded sling offers the next best in comfort and low maintenance. Gensun's padded sling is unique. We sandwich the strength sling material between two beautiful outdoor fabrics. This gives a beautiful upholstered look and eliminates the need to coordinate a plain sling fabric on the back of the chair with your finish color of choice. We also offer the option of choosing a different fabric for the front and the back. Our padding is very comfortable being thicker than most other padded sling products. With Sunbrella RAIN fabrics you can have the best of all seating types. Gensun padded sling seating collections:

Bel Air, Cabrisa, Echelon, Florence, Grand Terrace, Lucerne, Michigan, Morro Bay, and Phoenix

Strap Seating

Gensun uses Sunbrella fabric strap for comfort, durability and easy maintenance. Our Phoenix Strap collection is available in Heather Beige or Coal strap. Gensun fabric strap seating collection: